What is Powerful-U?

This is where it all began and where it all begins for each of us. In order to Activate Humanity, we must first activate ourselves. By evolving our perceptions or how we experience the world, we also create awareness, transforming our lives and humanity in the process.


We created Powerful-U as a way to shift each of us out of the Matrix of life, becoming better versions of ourselves, and positively impacting billions of people along the way.


It is often times our perception that influences the decisions we make. We must ask ourselves, what limiting perceptions and beliefs might be stopping me?


We developed Perception Sketch as a tool to create awareness and help us shift our lives. It is a simple quiz that breaks down your perceptions mindset. This will help you understand where you are starting from, so you can work on where you want to go.

Flow or Resistance

Fixed or Growth

Secure or Insecure

Need more support?

Sign up for a Perception Alignment session with one of our coaches that are trained to help you see more opportunities, embrace the necessary risk to seize those opportunities, and take sustainable action towards your goals!