We will call you soon to schedule a time for our interview and do a quick pre-interview discussion. We will want to discover more about your story and what direction you would like to take the conversation, so be prepared to discuss:


    1. What’s your life philosophy?
    2. What’s your favorite quote? Why?
    3. Are you open to discussing any topic? If not, which topics are not ok?
    4. If you had to give a summary of your life, what would you say?
    5. What lessons have you learned as a result of your experiences?
    6. Are you easily offended or are there topics that may trigger you?
    7. What event, or series of events, shaped your perception, and why?
    8. What are some of your most fundamental beliefs you hold about yourself? The world?
    9. What do you think are some of the biggest challenges we face in humanity today?



    • Please speak as clearly as possible.
    • Remember to keep names of people you mention anonymous or use false names.
    • Avoid talking over others and allow them to finish their comments.
    • Please be respectful and refrain from using derogatory language for others or those you disagree with.



    • We want your story to benefit both parties mutually and request that you share the podcast with your network. We will share with you ready available links and artwork to the show and your episode.
    • First and foremost, we want to have fun and enjoy our conversation, but we also want to dive into the gritty details of what makes you, you and discuss life stories that you have experienced that may have an impact on others experience of humanity.
    • We want to remind you to not promote any offerings during the show and at the end we can open up discussion and links to promote what you have going on



10 Minute introduction segment:

Set the stage for the episode. Include details that set up your episode’s theme. State name of podcast show, why your show exists, who you are, introduction to guest and guest warm up banter!


Topic #1

Quick Segue or Sponsor message if applicable


Topic #2

Quick Segue or Sponsor message if applicable


Closing Summary and then a few fun questions you can be prepared to answer:

    1. Awkward human interaction scenario question
    2. If you have one rule you would want everyone to follow for one day, what would it be.
    3. What is your favorite quote and why?
    4. Would you rather??