Our Network

Community is very important to elevating humanity for many reasons.  Not only does it take a community to create a movement and work toward a common goal, but it also feeds the soul to have real connections.  We have created a network space for the people, by the people, where humans can connect, converse over shared experiences and dialog openly and respectfully without interference and filtering. Each of us has unique thoughts, beliefs, and experiences which can help move society forward and evolve our perceptions. When we come together with innovative ideas, in a supportive space, we can positively impact our world.

Many of us want to help or get involved but we don’t know how or where to start.

Here are 3 opportunities for you to engage:

Community Monthly Challenge

Each month we will be challenging you to actionable items that focus on the morals of humanity.

Literary Discussions

Bend your mind with new suggested reading and engage with James and others in thoughtful discussion.

Support the network

Our network needs support from our community whether it is donations, time or resources.

See below for more details.

Community Monthly Challenge

We created monthly challenges to help activate our own humanity first and support building positive habits for the future.


Each month, we will challenge our community to engage in specific behaviors with the intention of making the world better for humanity. Join us as we work together to focus on building a better world by being better to each other. A better tomorrow starts today, with you!


Let us know how you are activating this challenge in the intention space on the network.

  • January – Renewing Focus and Intention
  • February – Creating a Self Love Practice
  • March – Creating Unity in a March Together for Humanity
  • April – Learning to Embrace and Grow from Challenges
  • May – Mental Health Awareness
  • June – Great Outdoors Month
  • July – Celebrating Diversity
  • August – Slow Down and Embrace the Now
  • September – Celebrating Education
  • October – Dealing with Mortality
  • November – Seize the Day
  • December – A Focus on Connection and Gathering

January Challenge

Mantras have long been associated with focus and concentration. They help us as we meditate or as slogans or guides to keep us focused on a goal or creating a new habit. With the new year, it's common to have renewed focus and goals connected with this transition.

For January, let’s create our mantras for the year. It could be a theme, word, or even a guiding principle to help you stay focused as you navigate the year ahead.


Remember, this is about helping you stay the course and embrace a better way of thinking or acting to achieve what you want this year. Here’s some ideas:

  • Think of a word like TRUST or FLEXIBILITY (as an example) to help you embrace this action.
  • Make a bracelet, wear a ring, or something as a reminder to help you stay focused
  • Repeat what you want to do or create, in your mind, as you meditate or pray.
  • Share your mantra with a trusted friend or family member to help you stay accountable.
  • Keep a journal of each day and write about your experience with this new mantra.
  • Create a vision board you wake up to each day to remind you of your intentions and focus this year.

Feel free to share what methods or tools help you grow and keep you motivated on positive path in the Activate Humanity Network intention space.

Literary Discussions

Do you like book clubs? Well here is a way to read some thought provoking material and discuss your thoughts on the subject matter.  Each month James Purpura will select a book for you to read based on our monthly humanity theme. Then you can discuss forum style with Doug Scavezze and other community members in the network.

SEPTEMBER BOOK: The Power of Habit

by Charles Duhigg

Get the book on Amazon

Help support the network

If you are enjoying this community and feel inspired to help!


We are a community by the people, for the people, creating an unfiltered space where humans can connect, celebrate humanity, hold respectful conversations, and gain insights into truth, growing and giving back. This network does require a lot of upkeep and we have plans to grow and create more opportunities for connection.


Your generous donations will keep the community platform growing, so together, we can make big changes for our collective future. Today is the day we must seize to make this happen.

Monetary Donation

By providing even a small donation, whether it is a one time domation or a monthly offering, you can be a part of the effort to progress this Activate Humanity Movement. Our donation process is easy and your contribution will quickly be on the way to support the infrastructure for the community.

Time Donation

If you are passionate about the network and have time or a skill to volunteer, we are always looking for support.  Network moderators, video editors, event volunteers…these are just a few examples of how you can help support.  If interested, email us and describe how you would like to contribute.

Spread the word and demonstrate in actions

If money and time are short, please share our humanity efforts by telling others about the movement and demonstrating in your own life the morals and qualities of humanity. Reach out to a neighbor and do an act of kindness, share positive words with a stranger and elevate your human qualities with some me time.