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Activate Recycling Interest Questionnaire

*This is not a solicitation for investment. This is market research to gauge interest in our company should we do a public offering.


What do roof asphalt shingles, tires and water bottles have in common? They all contain hydrocarbons/crude oil. All three of these products are filling up our landfill and the hydrocarbon in them will eventually be seeping into the ground and poisoning our soil and water supplies for generations to come.


Think about this…


What if every roof could become another roof, a tire, another tire, or a water bottle, a new water bottle? What if we could do this with even more products over time?

Welcome to Activate Recycling… We turn liabilities into assets.


Activate Recycling has created a true recycling process in which shingles, tires or water bottles can be broken down in a safe and effective way, so that the individual components can be used again and again. With our groundbreaking technology, we can easily separate the hydrocarbon from all three of these products. After hydrocarbons are removed, the oil can be sold back to the manufacturers of these products or can be used in other things, like asphalt roads. With the hydrocarbon removed the other materials can also be used again in other products or disposed of safely.

Our plan is simple…


We are going to create and manufacture mobile units on the back of large trailers, that can be pulled up to any dump site to clean up these materials. We will lease these units to individuals, companies, or dump sites to eliminate the toxins that are polluting the earth. We will also negotiate contracts with other companies that use hydrocarbons, to buy the materials produced by our customers.

Activate Recycling Interest Questionnaire
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